What is a good devotional for couples dating

We are most prone to try and seize control of the situation — of hearts, of circumstances, or of emotions, all in self-defensive ways that are tragically self-defeating. In self-perpetuating irony, magnifying all of the uncertainty and anxiety, we just end up multiplying our own pain and destroying the relationship.

Indulging in anxiety in a dating relationship is like indulging in back-seat driving: It only makes everyone else more nervous and annoyed and doesn’t actually contribute anything positive.

We thank God for His word, and His Promises that are Yes and Amen! But what might a marriage look like where the […] By Scott Morefield, Contributing Writer We’re by no means rich or even moderately well off, but we do believe strongly in living within our means.

May the good Lord help us to grow in Him as we continue walking in His way, guiding our families! From The Benjamins By Sarah Logan, Contributing Writer If you’re reading this it is probable that you are interested in fashioning your expectations, ambitions, and hopes for marriage after God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Granted, we’re probably not as strict on some things as noted Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey would be, but on most financial matters we try to follow what we believe to be […] Normally on Saturdays we post our Spice It Up feature, but this week I am interrupting our normal schedule to announce a great series we will be doing this week called 5 Days of Intentional Living. April 8-12 we will be joining 15 other fabulous blogs to bring you 5 […] Marriage is a wonderful, God-given institution.

But the truth is, it can also be difficult and very unpleasant.

We can find ourselves in a very unfulfilling relationship with our spouse before we know it. Marriage seemed so easy at first, but now it seems so hard.

O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just” (Proverbs ).

They that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing” (Psalms 34:9, 10).

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew ).

That’s why I was so excited to have the opportunity to review The Heart of Christmas.

When couples move past the awkward first-date phase of a relationship, many face a new and unsettling tension between strong romantic feelings and the reality that they are not yet married.

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“He filleth thee with the finest of the wheat” (Psalm 1).

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