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") you should simply click a button "End chat with lady ID#"; the program than asks you whether you really want to end chat, if you click "Yes" the chat will end.

Even if the girl continues writing to you it is not considered as continuation of the chat.

To successfully chat on-line you need to have the following settings in your browser: a) your browser must accept cookies b) your browser must accept cookies from other web-sites, or from the web-site c) use Java Script You also must have installed Adobe Flash player to view video and hear the sound.

You can upload this program from the official web-site going by this link: The possible problem is your browser is not set up to accept cookies from other web-sites.

For example, if you chatted with lady ID:12345 and lady ID:54321 at the same time, and each chat lasted 5 minutes, you will be charged 0,5 POINTs for chat with lady ID:12345 and 0,5 POINTs with lady ID:54321, total 1 POINT.As soon as your chat started the program counts the time of the chat.The first minute of chat costs 0,10 POINTs, every further second costs 0,0016 POINTs.You can start chat with any lady who is on-line by clicking "Start Chat Now" button.The lady will receive an invitation from you and a chat window will open for you.

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