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Frame the mirror using solid wood or a frame painted in a bold color.Measure the mirror before purchasing the frame elements.Add sconces on both ends of the long mirror for an additional decorative touch.Hang vibrant wallpaper on the mirrored wall to create a strong backdrop.Ask the sales people if they will miter the wood according to your measurements. Purchase ready-to-assemble frames that include the adhesive if you are not handy. Choose a strong wall color that attracts the eye to the wall and away from the older fixtures. Stencil an intricate or simple border design, or apply sticker-like transfers around the mirror, creating a false frame that is decorative.

Bringing out-of-date bathroom mirrors into the 21st century is one design element that is easy on the budget. Evaluate its position on the wall, its shape and how it fits in relation to the other components of your bathroom. Examine it for deterioration and evidence of silver or, in the case of very old mirrors, mercury streaks.(They weigh more than you’d think.)First, the bathroom before: And after, with floating frames over each sink: Here’s one more naked mirror, before: And after: If these makeovers don’t convince you to ditch your plain-Jane bathroom mirrors, I don’t know what would.Now I’m even more eager than ever to get rid of mine.Here is a mirror that I recently revamped in just a few minutes for the Studio 319 Salon remodel project.It’s hard to really see in the picture but the mirror frame was a heavy gold tone and we wanted to make the frame more neutral and diffuse the gold.

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