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Family planning policies, which control the number and spacing of children people can have, continue to impose severe restrictions on women’s reproductive freedoms.

Five were soon released, but the others were held for 37 days on charges of “picking quarrels,” sparking a widespread international outcry.The government also proposed or passed laws on state security, cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and the management of foreign NGOs; these laws conflate peaceful criticism of the state with threats to national security.For example, the second draft of the Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations Management Law imposes an onerous supervisory framework and restrictions on staffing and operations of these organizations, and gives police an expansive role in approving and monitoring their work.In August, lawyer Zhang Kai was detained for providing legal advice to Christians in Zhejiang Province who had resisted the authorities’ forced removal of crosses on church buildings.Other lawyers, including Pu Zhiqiang and Tang Jingling, detained in separate cases since May 2014, remain in custody pending trial or verdict.

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In March, authorities also deployed a new cyber weapon, the “Great Cannon,” to disrupt the services of Great, an organization that has worked to undermine China’s censorship.

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