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The sleeve: Part of Kiiroo's marketing propaganda is the idea that the sleeve inside is made by fleshlight and is the same material as the fleshlights themselves.

Honestly I don't know if this is true, but I found the sleeve disappointing compared to the 3 fleshlights that I own.

Whether you spend every night together or sleep 3,000 miles apart, the KIIROO Onyx and Pearl highly advanced couples adult toy set provide a sensual experience unlike any other.

Perfect for long distance relationship sex toy Using Bluetooth and video chat, these two impressive and award winning adult toys connect lovers worldwide, instantly.

It does that for a bit then slows back down to the beginning.

Personally of the three modes I like the "Slow" option if I had to choose one, but the actual motion of the Onyx itself is not very stimulating.

Essentially it boils down to removing the cap, a secondary red plastic snap on piece that holds the sleeve in place and remove the sleeve.

From the entryway into the Onyx itself you can then access the charging port after removing the holding piece and sleeve.

2, if you don't use enough lube this toy is quite snug, so not enough lube means this thin sleeve will tear pretty easily if you are too rough with it.

First time use, Preparation: You can't use the Onyx right out of the box, you have to do some preparation first.

There are no instructions in the box so you have to go to the website listed on a card included in the box to get the manual.

Nobody seems to want to give this thing a proper review by purchasing and using it, so since I had some extra cash and some time on my hands I figured I would give it a shot.

Mind you this is only the first impression since I only just got it today and have only used it once. Shipping: I purchased the Kiiroo Onyx last weekend and got 3 day shipping.

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