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In his last few days in the hospital, he was forced to watch gay pornography while a doctor snapped at his wrist with a rubber band for 20 minutes at a time.

Lin eventually told the doctor what he wanted to hear: that he couldn’t feel anything when watching the movies.

It’s a gathering that happens every year, usually in a hotel ballroom.

This year the organizer, PFLAG China, the country’s most prominent gay rights group, took stock and decided to move the gathering to international waters.

Most of them chose not to use their real names while on board, instead introducing themselves with social-media aliases or by their relationship to the person who had asked them to come aboard: Li Li’s mom, Ah Guo’s dad, and Wood Leaf Mom. Little Lin, a 35-year-old communications technician who wanted to be identified only by his nickname, did the same.

It wasn’t until she was boarding and saw a guy unrolling a rainbow flag that she realized her son had brought her onto a ship packed with “comrades,” as gay people in China often call themselves. In mid-June, China’s largest gay support group rented it to take LGBT people and their parents, 800 individuals in all, on a four-day journey to help them figure out how to understand and support one another.Back in 2008, he married his former colleague from an internet company.A year into it he finally admitted to himself he was gay, a realization his ex-wife had also reached.“I said whatever was needed to get out,” he told me.Over a decade later, it’s still not uncommon for families to admit their relatives for conversion therapy including electro-shock and injections.

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