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Putin had previously blasted the internet as a “CIA project”, and recently the Russian government has taken steps to limit anti-Putin activists’ access to it.

While the new Porn Hub passport login only affects users in Russia, uk revealed earlier this year how people in Britain could be forced to a trip to the Post Office to access porn.

Speaking to Vice, Porn Hub VP Corey Price said: “While this exact method is not a condition [from the Russian government], we found this is the best solution for our users to comply with Russian access laws.”He added: “Also to be clear, Porn Hub does not log or store any of your personal information, this is just a check to see if users are over 18….

On [VKontakte's] end, all they will see is see the request from that user, they will not know what that user browsed on Porn Hub.”uk have contacted Porn Hub for comment.

On Twitter, Porn Hub teased the Russian state media regulation agency and asked if officials would lift the ban if given free Porn Hub Premium accounts.

Both Porn Hub and You Porn were reinstated in April after enforcing a requirement that users specific their age before watching videos.

The court order demanded Porn Hub hand over some of its users' names, email addresses, complete viewing history, IP addresses.

They dont charge a start up fee apart from 10 for your telephone training which is 20mins long. x I work for (not sure if I'm allowed to put that on here so if the name gets removed message me and I'll let you know!

) You basically have your own "page" on their website, and men can choose who to phone.

To open a VKontakte account, users have to enter their mobile phone numbers.

And in order to legally purchase a SIM card in Russia customers have to present passport information.

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