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Fear of being thought offensive has already put a crimp on national security measures to combat terrorism.As just one example, the NYPD’s very effective surveillance program of Islamist gathering sites was attacked as Islamophobic and was subsequently shut down.That is, if you were to eliminate all the violent, supremacist, and misogynist elements in Islam’s basic texts you wouldn’t have much left.

Partly because of Westernization and partly because secular leaders kept a lid on Islam’s aggressive side, Muslims were able to develop a more moderate practice of Islam.Or have we entered a new age—a new age not unlike those old ages of long ago when Christianity had to fight for its life?If we are seeing the beginning of a worldwide attack on Christianity, then the first duty of bishops is not to preserve Muslims from offense, but to preserve Christianity.In Europe, a Catholic archbishop has forbidden Catholics to participate in anti-Islamization groups.According to some intelligence analysts, terrorist sleeper cells in the West are now under orders to activate themselves.

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The prudential consideration actually cuts both ways.

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