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It stars two beautiful legends bound and gagged together for the first time ever.

In No Spending Spree For The Bondage Burglar, Eden Wells is the burglar and Holly Manning is the captured heiress.

If you'd like to commission your own custom, starring the ladies you want to see, in the scenarios you dream about, contact us. Amazing Tara is bound and gagged twice in Welcome to the Bondage Factory!

In both instances, she is paired with youthful Khloe Kapri.

Two new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Psychotic Reaction and Startling Bondage Misadventures! Two terrific new models make their debut this week.In A Principal's Indignity, A Student's Revenge, Tara and Ivy team up for three incredible bondage stories!In the first, Tara is a principal who was set on expelling the rambunctious Ivy.When she was asked whether they were planning to get married, Aida responded "Inshallah (If God is willing)! I have not seen before this magic on stage, have not heard such a light voice, so beautiful and magical at the same time. I would have married her to a wealthy aristocrat, not Russian”, - said Aida’s fans." Marat tries not to comment on new relationship, he shared the reasons for which he kept his relationship a secret: - I do not want to say anything about Aida.

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