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Just 8 kilometers (just over 5 miles) from Lake Catemaco, the area makes an interesting afternoon.

Tourist shops selling typical trinkets are sold both in the parking lot and at the base of the falls.

Sol Mexico News Travel Section features a different Mexican destination every issue. If you are in a motor vehicle accident you are taken into custody and assumed guilty until it is proven otherwise. While insurance is not mandatory – you would be crazy to risk going without.

If you would like to share an article or blog, write us co/ [email protected] You can find other articles about Mexican destinations You have to get Mexican Vehicle insurance if you want peace of mind while driving in Mexico. Mexican insurance can be purchased before you leave or at the border.

We walk past fortune tellers and stores with shingles and signs advertising various occult services. Hundreds of herons nest on the tiny Isla de la Garzas (Island of the Herons) in April and May.

Salto de Eyipantla: Take a whole day to discover the thunderous waterfalls of Salto de Eyipantla.

Mexican insurance is expensive for short periods of time. Sometimes monthly is just slightly more expensive than 2 weeks. We now purchase annual insurance because it is only a 0 or so more expensive than 6 months and we seem to be popping down a lot lately.

The ancient Olmec’s Paradise Lost and the beginning of all creation. Buy a shell rosary, picture of Our Lady or buy good luck, curse an enemy or make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex with a “special” amulet. Bird watching: 560 species of birds in the area including parrots, toucans, trogons, woodcreepers, tropical raptors and flycatchers.It is a pleasant trip just 20 minutes north of Lake Catemaco on Highway 180.Founded by Cortés in 1520, the small town of Santiago Tuxtla is nestled in a small valley with a little river running through the center of town. Canadian and American Vehicle insurance doesn’t work in Mexico.“People ask us why we don’t buy the cheaper Mexican auto insurance?

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